Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

Loving God and neighbors.
Amar a Dios y a los vecinos.

Celebrating the gifts of the Spirit in all.
Celebrar los dones del Espíritu en todas/os.

You are welcome here.
Eres bienvenido/a aquí.

Life in Community

Song of the Holy Spirit

In August our community celebrates our founding as a multi-cultural, peace and justice and Kingdom-oriented community of seekers growing into beloved friends in Christ. In honor of 37 years of ministry together, here is a poem, a song of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy! When we pick up the Bible,we meet God’s Spirit before any other,She’sContinue reading “Song of the Holy Spirit”

Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23:1 may be very familiar. What does the translation of your heart bring out in the meaning?

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