Eucharist worship Sundays 11 AM @ 3910 Yanceville St, Greensboro NC 27405
During the Vicar’s Sabbatical May 8 – Aug 8, 2023, worship will be led by guest clergy & Holy Spirit members.

Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

Loving God and neighbors.
Amar a Dios y a los vecinos.

Celebrating the gifts of the Spirit in all.
Celebrar los dones del Espíritu en todas/os.

You are welcome here.
Eres bienvenido/a aquí.

Life in Community

Too Civilized

Hebrews 11:20-12:2 is a brief list of our religious ancestors. It includes people we might expect to be listed: Moses and Abraham for example. However, it includes the unexpected: Rahab (a woman and prostitute who wasn’t an Israelite), Barak (summoned by Deborah but whose ultimate victory was given to a woman, Jael, because of doubt),…

Is It Really Worth It?

“All of these died in faith without having received the promises, but from a far distance they saw and greeted them….” Hebrews 11:13a It’s rarely an accident when people get left out of the narrative. There is investment in every story we tell: who it chooses to highlight, the way people are presented, the mistakes…

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