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Too Civilized

Hebrews 11:20-12:2 is a brief list of our religious ancestors. It includes people we might expect to be listed: Moses and Abraham for example. However, it includes the unexpected: Rahab (a woman and prostitute who wasn’t an Israelite), Barak (summoned by Deborah but whose ultimate victory was given to a woman, Jael, because of doubt),Continue reading “Too Civilized”

Grace Here

I missed a meeting last week. Completely forgot, even though it was on my calendar, which I’d checked an hour before. Just didn’t show up to the Zoom room where people expected me, and didn’t even realize it for another couple hours. Some of it was an unexpected phone call from someone in distress, butContinue reading “Grace Here”

Regrouping while still in the wilderness (Part 1)

Dear kindred in Christ, We’ve been living through so many disasters the past few years. Devastating fires, flooding, droughts, freezes like we haven’t seen before. Another Black person murdered, on tape,. Another, another. Another. And we shudder, we have seen this before A world-wide pandemic and over 5 million people dead as we enter aContinue reading “Regrouping while still in the wilderness (Part 1)”

Giving: Reflecting Together on this Spiritual Discipline

Giving. It’s spiritual. It’s also material, touchable, in the daily ways we do it (or don’t do it). And it can be awkward to talk about. This October, we’ll be reflecting on our habits, practices, and attitudes surrounding the spiritual discipline of giving on Sundays during worship and with periodic reflections during the weeks. SoContinue reading “Giving: Reflecting Together on this Spiritual Discipline”


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We are all a work in progress.
God is our Guide.

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