Giving: Reflecting Together on this Spiritual Discipline

Giving. It’s spiritual. It’s also material, touchable, in the daily ways we do it (or don’t do it). And it can be awkward to talk about. This October, we’ll be reflecting on our habits, practices, and attitudes surrounding the spiritual discipline of giving on Sundays during worship and with periodic reflections during the weeks. SoContinue reading “Giving: Reflecting Together on this Spiritual Discipline”

Praying the Psalms Together this September

For me, it’s in the morning – after my walk, after breakfast, and the sun isn’t fully risen. The world around is still fairly quiet, and my day, with its encounters and calls, demands and distractions and delights, the stuff of life and ministry and community, has yet to fully consume my thoughts. I findContinue reading “Praying the Psalms Together this September”

Song of the Holy Spirit

In August our community celebrates our founding as a multi-cultural, peace and justice and Kingdom-oriented community of seekers growing into beloved friends in Christ. In honor of 37 years of ministry together, here is a poem, a song of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy! When we pick up the Bible,we meet God’s Spirit before any other,She’sContinue reading “Song of the Holy Spirit”

“Here” – A reflection on the act of pausing for worship in the middle of a pandemic

This psalm, this beautiful prayer, was composed as a call to worship by one of our members especially for our community’s weekly Sunday gathering via Zoom. Herewe are found at restin the belly of the whale.We pause between the red sea and the desert;we let our shoulders fallin the dark of the lion’s den.We runContinue reading ““Here” – A reflection on the act of pausing for worship in the middle of a pandemic”

(Re)Learning to Gather In-Person as the Church

This past weekend (early August, for those who are counting) a few families gathered in the evening in the front yard of one of their homes for a simple service including reflection on the Gospel, prayers for each other and the world, and Holy Communion. It was the first in-person gathering for worship of anyContinue reading “(Re)Learning to Gather In-Person as the Church”

Gathering God’s People During a Pandemic

When the covid19 pandemic caused our churches pause our public gatherings for worship and other activities in mid-March, we did not foresee ourselves 5 months later in mid-August still gathering virtually. But here we are, and along the way we’ve figured out not only how to get on to Zoom but how to have aContinue reading “Gathering God’s People During a Pandemic”