Is It Really Worth It?

“All of these died in faith without having received the promises, but from a far distance they saw and greeted them….” Hebrews 11:13a It’s rarely an accident when people get left out of the narrative. There is investment in every story we tell: who it chooses to highlight, the way people are presented, the mistakesContinue reading “Is It Really Worth It?”

Regrouping while still in the wilderness (Part 2)

No matter the duration of intense destruction, a disaster doesn’t end when the trembling bedrock or raging storm is over, nor when we’re told it’s ok to return home, nor when the body of our comrade is buried, nor when a vaccine arrives. The disorientation, the loss and attempts to rebuild, the crisis of trustContinue reading “Regrouping while still in the wilderness (Part 2)”

Working together for healing and life

Dear friends and neighbors, As the ice and snow and chill of winter come on this week, the air has a different smell to it. The colors of leaves and grasses stand out against the snow that falls, and melts, and falls again. I invite you to pause, and look around, and take a momentContinue reading “Working together for healing and life”

Regrouping while still in the wilderness (Part 1)

Dear kindred in Christ, We’ve been living through so many disasters the past few years. Devastating fires, flooding, droughts, freezes like we haven’t seen before. Another Black person murdered, on tape,. Another, another. Another. And we shudder, we have seen this before A world-wide pandemic and over 5 million people dead as we enter aContinue reading “Regrouping while still in the wilderness (Part 1)”

Giving: Reflecting Together on this Spiritual Discipline

Giving. It’s spiritual. It’s also material, touchable, in the daily ways we do it (or don’t do it). And it can be awkward to talk about. This October, we’ll be reflecting on our habits, practices, and attitudes surrounding the spiritual discipline of giving on Sundays during worship and with periodic reflections during the weeks. SoContinue reading “Giving: Reflecting Together on this Spiritual Discipline”

Praying the Psalms Together this September

For me, it’s in the morning – after my walk, after breakfast, and the sun isn’t fully risen. The world around is still fairly quiet, and my day, with its encounters and calls, demands and distractions and delights, the stuff of life and ministry and community, has yet to fully consume my thoughts. I findContinue reading “Praying the Psalms Together this September”