Land Repurposing

Holy Spirit envisions re-purposing the 11 acres at 3910 Yanceyville St where our church is located as a place where people connect for collective soul care, earth care, and health care. We will partner with community organizations and neighbors to develop this site for mutual flourishing by increasing access to basic health services, stable and affordable housing, natural green space, and indoor and outdoor spiritual gathering areas.

To enact this vision, we propose:

Selling a back portion of the property to Mills Construction, an affordable housing developer currently constructing Yanceyville Place on the adjacent land, to build some additional affordable housing units and establish areas for ecological conservation.

Leveraging the remaining property to build a center for community floursishing on the Yanceyville-fronting parcel with space for church/spiritual community for Church of the Holy Spirit and Abundant Life, a new Episcopal Community in development. There will be space for a community kitchen, a food and diaper pantry, flexible space for meals and gatherings, and office and administrative spaces for social services and enhanced health services in partnership with area leaders like Cone Health.

In 2023 Holy Spirit is participating in a Church-Community Placemaking Cohort convened by the Ormond Center at Duke Divinity School to convene our team of community stakeholders and partners, refine our vision, and develop a fundraising plan for this project.

Below you can see 3910 (long, rectangular parcel at the bottom/south) and the church building on the far left. Most of the property is undeveloped woods with 2 streams bisecting at angles. The long rectangular property above it (to the north) is where Mills Construction will begin building Yanceyville Place, affordable housing units built in the middle where the open field now stands. Conservation area is designated for the woods to the right (east) of the field as well as existing wetlands to the left (west) of the field toward Yanceyville Stree. The file below the photo is an example of one way we envision re-purposing the land where the woods and church building now stands.

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