“Here” – A reflection on the act of pausing for worship in the middle of a pandemic

This psalm, this beautiful prayer, was composed as a call to worship by one of our members especially for our community’s weekly Sunday gathering via Zoom.

we are found at rest
in the belly of the whale.
We pause between the red sea and the desert;
we let our shoulders fall
in the dark of the lion’s den.
We run our fingers over the damp walls
in the deep of the well
as we wait.

In the valley of the shadow of death
we catch our breath
and then we hold our breaths.

We look up to the mountain.
Like Abraham,
we wait for impossible life.
we will be led to green pastures,
but now there is nothing.

We have sung until our voices cracked and rasped with hope
that we were not brought here to die.
I will set my soul on the Lord.
I will breathe deeply in these moments of uncertainty;
I will lay me down to sleep.

Like Job, I will ask without doubt;
Like the wise men, I will come.
Though the sand crumbles under my shoes,
I will feel cool grass between my toes again.
I will wait with John in prison.
What the Lord has promised to me,
He will provide.
I am only like the grasses and the birds-
what He does not give me, I do not need.
It is dark now,
the air heavy with smoke and decay.
I will rest in the belly of the whale.
I will sit in the darkness of the den.
I will wait, deep in the well.

Lord, here I am.
Do not move Your eyes from me.
Lord, here I am.
I cannot be elsewhere than in Your sight.
here I am.
Find me, and lead me in the way that I should go.

23 August 2020

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